Monday, August 17, 2009

Painfully Beautiful

There are many things that are so beautiful to look at that they stop me in my tracks.
It actually hurts to look at them (in a good way.)
I call them the "painfully beautiful."
These are just a few.


  1. Hey Sandy.... like the beginnings of your bloggosphere.... beauty, painfully beautiful aspects to the world... I felt that seeing the restored Sistine Chapel...just in awe of the potential of the human spirit... nature gives me that the most though... man is talented, clever, resourceful, brilliant, the pinnacle of the naturally created world in terms of creative action and self reflection, but sometimes the simplest flower creates that painful beauty and awe in my eyes.... good to focus on the positive, the simple goodness of living... too much chaotic, frayed nerve producing situations that take our attention away from the simple awe of the day to day.. to see like a child is the hardest thing to maintain... wonder is the domain of the young. keep dreaming.... xo K

  2. I suffer from Stendahl Syndrome too! I nearly
    vomited and passed out at a gilt church in
    Taxco Mexico. Sometimes film images do this to
    me and I get overwhelmed...the clip looping in
    my minds eye. Nature soothes me however ...
    anywhere, anytime. Already miss the green mountains, puffy clouds, little red foxes, glass
    lakes and covered bridges of Vermont.
    ps We do have a raccoon family living in our
    backyard that breaks and enters the house
    at, Bklyn has it's share of
    nature too..