Sunday, September 27, 2009


This very nice couple have a great horse painting and a great chesterfield sofa.
Named after the Earl of Chesterfield.
That sofa has a history.
Good quality and craftsmanship.

This sofa says, "put me in a room with a fireplace, lots of books and a snifter of good brandy."
I know some of you may think this is a very ugly sofa. But that is half of it's charm.
Big and lumbering and handsome.
Serious sitting down action.

Perfect for an afternoon nap.

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  1. Love them... but be careful, not all chesterfields are as they seem. ask if the sofa has a solid hardwood frame, aniline leather upholstery and check that the nailwork is actual nails and not strips of fake nail heads. Also run your fingers down the seams of the folds and check for stitching, if theres some then the sofa is 'demic' which means that its made piecemeal from scraps of leather instead of from a full hide.