Friday, March 19, 2010

edith head

Edith Head
1897 - 1981

Edith Head was a fashion legend in her own time. She is probably the most famous costume designer in Hollywood history. She was mostly famous for her work on costumes for movies. Edith was the first woman to be in charge head of a motion picture studio costume department. Edith Posener was born on October 28, 1897 in San Bernadino, California. She went to Los Angeles High School. She graduated from University of California at Berkley and then she got a master's degree in French from Stanford University in California. In 1923 she started teaching French and art at the Hollywood School for Girls. She met and married Charles Head while she studied art. She got a job in the costume department at Paramount Studio. Edith and Charles divorced in 1938, the same she became head of the costume department at Paramount. Edith's career was more than 60 years long. In that time she earned 8 Oscars and 35 Oscar nominations. Edith Head worked on over 1,100 films! In 1940 she married Bill Ihnen. They lived in the San Fernando Valley in California. Edith designed costumes for some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Edith Head died on October 24, 1981.

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