Monday, December 13, 2010

jules suppo

Wood carver who collaborated with Julia Morgan back in the day.
His old office is still on Polk Street.

All photos by Sandy Wood.


  1. Thank you for sharing... Jules was my Great Grandpa...he used to cal me his Million Dollar!! I grew up in this place, so this means so much to me!! Thanks again!!!!!

    1. Dear Debbie,
      We are working on a Russian Hill neighborhood history and art project and would be delighted to hear about Jules Suppo from one of his family members. His artistic imprint on the neighborhood is still so present. Please contact us at 415 519 2723 and we can tell you more about the project.
      Looking forward to hearing from you,
      Lynn and Christoph

  2. It is nice to see how well maintained Papa's building is.

    Thank you,

    The Suppo Family

  3. I am appraising some furniture that Jules made in 1921. This is a thrill to see his beautiful carvings and office still intact! I will make a point to admire it when I'm in the City!
    Claudia Hess

  4. My grandparents and my mom were friends of the Suppo Family. I vaguely remember meeting them as a child. I know we had dinner with them several times at their home. They have all passed on, but my dad still has a few of his carvings that he gave to the family.
    I had no idea his shop was still there. I will have to go and see it. What a great man.