Wednesday, April 6, 2011

headlands center for the arts

A wonderful event at the Headlands Center for the Arts last night.
It is a rare thing when your expectations are exceeded.
None of us had been there before and the event included dinner. I was ready for sandwiches and chips.
Nope, community style delicious food served in the wonderful atmosphere of the old military mess hall. 
It was sold out. The event plus dinner was $25 per person. Wine was available for $3 per glass.
All self serve and money put in a jar.
I can't wait for the next dinner event!

The event was a work in progress for artist in residence Matti Bye.
He is a very famous (and darling) composer from Stockholm whom my sister Lisa met at Nest.
His soundtracks were the official music for my 50th birthday weekend at Manka's.

Humans and Other Species
Sound and Silent Film in Nature
A Musical Demonstration with Composer Matti Bye

Date: 4/5/2011 - 4/5/2011
Tuesday, April 5

In Conjunction with the San Francisco Silent Film Festival

6:30PM Dinner + Presentation: $25/$20 members
8PM Presentation Only: $10/$5 members

Matti Bye.

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